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About The Advisory Committee

The Advisory Committee for the Congressional Research and Development [R&D] Caucus was formed in early 2004 through the initial efforts of ASME and the IEEE-USA.  The Advisory Committee is comprised of public interest and private sector organizations from the science, engineering, technology and educational sectors dedicated to informing Congress and the public on important national and global issues regarding research and development affecting the United States.  Through its participating organizations and this website, the Advisory Committee supports the Congressional R&D Caucus and its efforts. If your organization is interested in supporting the R&D Caucus please contact Paul Fakes, FAKESp@asme.org or James Savage at james.savage@ieee.org.

 About The R&D Caucus

The Research & Development Caucus was originally established in the 108th Congress at the request of Congressman Rush Holt (D-NJ) and Congresswoman Judy Biggert (R-IL) for the following purposes:

To highlight the national importance of research and the interdependency of research efforts across disciplines and to provide a view of research and development funding that transcends the purview of individual committees. 

To increase the awareness of members and staff on issues related to research. This will include but will not be limited to: 

  • The economic, societal, and security benefit derived from federal R&D investment. 

  • Technological innovations that have resulted from federal investment in R&D 

  • The importance of a balanced R&D portfolio, with appropriate distribution of resources between the physical, engineering, and health sciences. 

  • Yearly trends in R&D budget numbers. 

To support: 

  • The work of existing Committees and members with jurisdiction over the National Science Foundation, DOE, EPA, Department of Defense, Department of Commerce, National Institutes of Heath and other agencies supporting research and development efforts. 

  • Federal agencies that support research and development efforts. 

  • Federal policies that foster and encourage research and development in the private sector of our economy. 

To provide a primary point of contact for scientific professional societies and others with interest in R&D issues.

 To provide a forum for a wide range of issues of interest to the scientific community and serve as an informational resource for decision-makers in the area of R&D. 

To provide a forum for the support and creation of legislation affecting the research and development community.

In 2013, Rep. Frank Wolf (R-VA) assumed the Caucus co-chair role vacated by the departure of Rep. Biggert from Congress.

In 2015, Rep. John Culberson (R-TX) and Rep. Bill Foster (D-IL) agreed to co-chair the Caucus following the departures of Reps. Holt and Wolf from Congress.


Last Updated:  09 September 2015

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